Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cheer-ing Up

This past Sunday I helped my friend and fellow makeup artist & photographer, Meg Valentine.  (Hers are the photos I took recently for her website).  I was her second shooter for a group of teenage cheerleaders who needed their photos taken - in uniform and in street clothes.  Here's what I learned from the experience:

1 - People complain a lot, especially if they are uncomfortable.  When it's windy and 50 degrees, it's not easy to keep 20, 16-year olds happy.  It was cold.  If you can reschedule for a warmer day, it might be worth the effort to do so.

2 - Parents can be a pain.  Some were there the whole time, some held up the show by bringing a check after the photos were taken.  One even basically triple-shot the girls.  Photog friends - put it in your contract that there are to be no other photographers taking pictures while you are trying to.  It's rude & it's  extremely distracting.

3 - Meg is in the process of getting her website live so we used order forms.  Don't EVER...use...order forms.  If you're a serious photographer set up an account online so you can upload the images and let the girls and their parents go to town and order what they want.  You have enough to do with processing all the images, let someone else worry about the orders.

4 - Take everything as an experience.  This was something new for me and it is one of those things that you just don't know what to expect until you are right in the middle of it.

That being said it's always fun to work with Meg.  She has given me permission to use the images I edited in this blog.  While her website isn't up YET, you can contact her through email.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful Day - Golden Hour

A few photos I took after working today.  It was a beautiful day - not a cloud in the sky.  So, after a long day at the ol' office, I snatched my camera and drove around a bit.  Sometimes it's nice to just sit and photoshop with some Chicago pizza and draft beer.  But since I don't live in Chicago nor do I have a tap, reheated thin-crust Hawaiian and a bud light made for a pretty good place holder.

I have no idea what this thing is...  I think it's some kind of goose or duck.
Regardless, I'm pretty sure he/she liked having his/her picture taken.

Two lovers hanging by a pond full of ducks.
Had to be sly without looking like a total creep.

My little man, Boston Baked Bean, hanging out in a field full of those dandelion
blow-apart flowers.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wedding Season: Get to Work

Spring is here!!!

Spring and Summer are very busy seasons for makeup artists and photographers.  The weather is nice, prom is around the corner, outdoor weddings and parties start filling up your calendar.   Ahhh, I can speak for myself and the majority of Ohioians when I say it's great to see the sun and I definitely don't miss the winter's grey.

Being wedding (and event) season it's important to book appointments with your artists early.  When I was at the counter we started booking for prom at least a month in advance and I know that every counter was a madhouse on those weekends.  Whether you have a personal artist that comes to your house or you trust someone at Clinique to slap on a little blush that probably wont stay put, reserve your spot before someone else does. 

NOT what you're going for...
Women want to look great for all types of occasions so let me put it this way - your friend's wedding is on June 19th.  An artist is going to do the bride and bridesmaids.  But the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, any of the guests, the wedding band, photographer, jealous sister of the groom who's older and still not married (you get the point)...  EVERYONE can come up with an excuse to have someone else make them look incredible and, before you know it, 2pm-6pm is booked at every makeup counter from Dayton to Columbus.  So now your left at Elder Beerman hoping to God that Miss Erma can draw your brows on better than her own.

Not ok.

POINT - book early.  Make it as non-stressful as you can.  If you know an artist that is willing to travel or have a favorite at a good counter definitely go that route.  And I say good counter because remember this - when you work at Estee Lauder, you can only use Lauder products.  Ask any freelance artist and they will tell you that a great kit includes pieces and parts from allllll different lines.

So happy wedding season.  Happy prom season.  Good luck, stay pretty, and keep it classy.

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