Friday, March 2, 2012

Nude lip, red lip, brown lip, plum lip

Last week I spent two days doing hair and makeup at Fred J. Miller in Miamisburg, Ohio.  FJM is one of the leading manufacturers of costumes and equiptment for colorguards, marching bands, and dance teams.  Over the course of the past few years they have grown from a much smaller facility into a big operation.  I've never seen that many sewing machines and bolts of pleather/satin/lace/etc. ever.  I was pretty excited.
The days ran from about 7am-8pm and I'm pretty sure I had the entire office smelling like hairspray and airbrush foundation.  13 hours will definitely make your feet hurt but I felt for my girls.  They aren't models, these girls are dancers.  They didn't get super glam and pose here and there...  They danced.  For example...

I don't know what type of physical strength is required to actually leap that high or stretch your body that way... but bravo Natasha.  Bravo.

We shot a total of, and I can only guess here, approximately 60 shots.  60 shots equates to 60 costumes, maybe 20 hairstyles, 15-20 eye looks, and about 40 lip looks.  I can only imagine what these 3 girls' lips felt like after alllll that lipstick/lip liner/gloss/shadow/eyeliner that we used over the course of those 2 days but hopefully they've had time to rest and are tip-top at this point.

These pictures are obviously taken on a cell phone.  The prints won't be available until the 2012 catalogue prints around November.  BUT before that happens, there are still 2 more, 3-day shoots to do.  I'm definitely looking forward to working these shoots again and I'm super excited to see the actual hi-res prints.

Thanks again to FJM for the opportunity and my ladies.  I think they had a good time.  Performers always do. <3


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