Friday, February 17, 2012

Just One Photo?

"Red Station"
Miamisburg, Ohio

The other day I was driving around town and taking the time to look at everything around me.  I live in Miamisburg, Ohio which, if you aren't familiar, is not the most scenic spot in Ohio.  Now that I think about it, Ohio isn't even one of the most scenic spots in the United States, period. 

I spend a lot of time in my head when I have an entire day to myself and I really tried to focus on my "why".  I enjoy to photograph because it lets me see things differently.  Considering that I don't live in a conventionally "beautiful" area it's easy to overlook spots with potential.  These photos are of a bright red garage next to a set of tracks that I don't even think are used anymore.

The purpose of having 5 different versions is to showcase how one image can be totally transformed into something that appeals to different people for different uses.  The photo above is my edit - done with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop 5.  The images below are done with 4 different Lightroom presets from Dustin Leader - owner of Dustin Leader Photography.  The name of each preset is listed in a caption below each image and are free downloads on his website (link above).

Hot Potato Preset

Magic Hour Preset

Holgamania Black & White Preset

Gold & Blue Preset
 I'm not too proud to admit that my favorite edit is the "Gold & Blue" edit using Dustin Leader's preset.  I love the colors, the blending, the contrast, vignetting... really everything.  Although I did the initial basic edits (contrast, blacks, saturation, etc) this preset resulted in my final, and favorite, version. 

It just goes to show you that a good way to grow is to keep your eyes and options open to the styles of other artists.  Thanks to Dustin for sharing his style and allowing me to explore new processing options for free.  Please keep in mind - inspiration, not duplication.

If YOU have any presets that you have found, purchased or free downloads, share them in the comments below.

Which edit is your favorite?


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